Providing Africa with the staffing, training, healthcare and project solutions needed for productivity and profitability.

Benefiting more than 3 600 public and private sector clients and over 37 000 permanent and temporary assignees.

Providing the integrated service offering that simultaneously benefits both employers and employees

About our staffing and training solutions

Workforce Africa has been at the forefront of industrial permanent and contract staffing solutions in Southern Africa since 1972, helping organisations find ways to reduce their operating costs, streamline their manpower processes, and improve operational efficiencies. What’s more, we have an unwavering commitment to fostering job creation and skills development for our assignees.

We have more than 3 600 clients in both the private and public sectors, and over 37 000 assignees benefiting from permanent and temporary staffing contracts.

We serve all economic sectors across the African continent with a strong focus on benefiting both employers and employees through the provision of The Workforce Solution™.

Workforce Africa offers turnkey staffing, training, employee benefits, project outsourcing and health and wellness solutions to companies operating throughout Africa. We are committed to fostering job creation and skills development, and work closely with stakeholders in each country to source local talent and provide country specific accredited training solutions (This is referring to our Mozambican training service providers that we network or have JV partnership with).

In addition, Workforce Africa has local offices on the ground and is able to offer a full mobilisation and demobilisation solution for companies where specialised skills need to be secured from outside the country. This includes assessing the employer’s needs, sourcing the workers, organising visas and vaccinations, and making travel and housing arrangements for the workers.


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  • Staffing
  • Recruitment
  • Administration and management,
    including mobilisation and
    demobilisation of resources
  • Training
  • Skills development
  • Learnerships
  • Financial services
  • Employee benefits
  • Healthcare and wellness
    project capabilities


With much of the contract work
on the continent being in remote
locations, employers working
with Workforce Africa benefit
from the group’s strong technology
systems built by our own
developers, to answer the needs
of the fixed contract work