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Workforce Africa offers a turnkey staffing, training, healthcare and projects solution to companies throughout Africa

Our reach


About our staffing and training solutions

Workforce Africa has been at the forefront of industrial permanent and contract staffing solutions in Southern Africa since 1972, helping organisations find ways to reduce their operating costs, streamline their manpower processes, and improve operational efficiencies. What’s more, we have an unwavering commitment to fostering job creation and skills development for our assignees.

We have more than 3 600 clients in both the private and public sectors, and over 37 000 assignees benefiting from permanent and temporary staffing contracts.

We serve all economic sectors across the African continent with a strong focus on benefiting both employers and employees through the provision of The Workforce Solution™.

Workforce Africa offers turnkey staffing, training, employee benefits, project outsourcing and health and wellness solutions to companies operating throughout Africa. We are committed to fostering job creation and skills development, and work closely with stakeholders in each country to source local talent.

In addition, Workforce Africa has local offices on the ground and is able to offer a full mobilisation and demobilisation solution for companies where specialised skills need to be secured from outside the country. This includes assessing the employer’s needs, sourcing the workers, organising visas and vaccinations, and making travel and housing arrangements for the workers.


Integrated service offering

Staffing, recruitment, administration and management, including mobilisation and demobilisation of resources, training, skills development, learnerships, financial services and employee benefits, healthcare and wellness project capabilities.


With much of the contract work on the continent being in remote locations, employers working with Workforce Africa benefit from the group’s strong technology systems built by our own developers, to answer the needs of the fixed contract work environment.

  • mining staffing solutions
  • petrochemical staffing solutions
  • renewable staffing solutions
  • construction staffing solutions
  • oil and gas staffing solutions
  • infrastructure staffing solutions
  • hospitality staffing solutions
  • retail staffing solutions
  • farming staffing solutions
  • manufacturing staffing solutions

Our solutions

Keeping your workforce to a minimum while still being able to meet demand makes savvy business sense. Workforce Africa enables employers to do just that through staff outsourcing, which eliminates unnecessary labour costs associated with carrying idle staff.

We offer employers a legally compliant, fully managed solution covering all categories and levels of staff and labour, with the bottom-line benefits of improved productivity levels, without any staff administrative or legislative burdens.

Customised staff outsourcing solutions
Flexible pricing structures including productivity-based costing
Staffing: Contingency, projects, stand-by, industrial action, stay-aways and seasonal workforces
Labour pool management
Facilitating the implementation and/or administration of training, skills development, learnerships and internship initiatives
Occupational and primary healthcare services (OHS)
Legal and industrial relations services (representation and consultation services)
Payroll outsourcing services
Automated time and attendance systems
Employee support services



Industry knowledge

Due to our in-depth knowledge of human resources management, labour relations and the social development demands, as well as through our unique relationships with industry role players, we are one of the few organisations capable of serving employers across the board, in all industries. We understand that each client’s needs are different therefore our business systems and processes are structured in such a manner so as to accommodate the high level of flexibility and customisation our specialist business divisions are geared to deliver.

The Workforce group of companies is a leading, trusted provider of employment, training, healthcare, wellness and financial and lifestyle services to individuals and their employers.

Our human capital solutions include:

  • Temporary employment services
  • Permanent placement recruitment
  • Staff outsourcing and payroll management
  • Training and skills development
  • Disability solutions
  • Healthcare and employee wellness
  • Financial, insurance and lifestyle services
  • Business process outsourcing

Workforce Holdings Limited is listed on the AltX board of the JSE, employing over 1 100 permanent staff and paying approximately 35 000 temporary contractors weekly.


Scope of our services

Staffing & recruitment solutions

Staff outsourcing

We provide a comprehensive range of industrial staff outsourcing solutions utilising primarily blue-collar and technical categories. Our integrated solutions extend beyond the relatively simple task of just providing staff and labour. We also include a comprehensive administrative role to manage all aspects of the human resources management matrix efficiently and cost effectively.

Recruitment solutions

Through our recruitment division, we offer a broad spectrum of recruitment solutions geared specifically to the African market. We recruit utilising a variety of techniques, which ensures our success in identifying, attracting and placing quality candidates who match the culture, caliber and skills required by clients.

Time and Attendance Management

Staff outsourcing

Our time and attendance management software solutions allow companies to administer intricate time and attendance policies, improve control of labour costs, improve security via access control, automate business processes and eliminate administrative tasks with reliable, real-time data for improved decision-making.

The time and attendance systems are carried out via our developed software and the installation of our immensely popular clocking systems. Whether you employ a small or large contingent of staff, we develop a time and attendance system best suited to meet the specific demands of your business.

Employee Health Management

We offer comprehensive primary and occupational employee health management solutions. Services include occupational healthcare screening; guidance, training, management of HIV/AIDS in the work environment and customised employee wellness programmes with a 24 hour call centre, staffed by qualified professionals.

Training and skills development

Workforce Africa offers an extensive range of training and skills development interventions which can be based on site at the client or at a specified training venue. This includes full qualifications, skills programmes and short courses specifically tailored to the needs of the following sectors: construction, transport and logistics, engineering, hospitality, health and welfare, business and English literacy and numeracy.

Another important service offering is our facilitation of learnerships, apprenticeships and internship administration. Our extensive experience in this regard has resulted in close working partnerships with a number of clients, covering a broad-base of industry sectors.

Financial and lifestyle benefits

We assist permanent and contract workers and their families with benefits such as medical aid, insurance and funeral cover at affordable rates.

Process outsourcing

We provide operational processes and human resource management for all types of projects across any industry.


If you are faced with industrial action, The Workforce Strike Rescue Plan ™ mitigates the risk and loss of production caused by strikes or
go-slows, by providing:

A rescue support team to assist with swift strike resolution
Assistance with contingency planning
Recruitment of all categories of staff
Industrial relations knowledge and specialization


recruiting people

Our recruitment people

Uplifting people and the community

Many of the contracts we are involved in are directly or indirectly the result of private or public sector initiatives to create jobs and uplift communities.

Job Creation and the multiplier effect

When sourcing candidates for our clients we recruit from the local community where possible, which not only eliminates assignee challenges related to working far from home, but also enhances the local economy of such communities.

Workforce Staffing has over 37 000 assignees in the field daily. By providing this employment we are contributing to assisting local communities with job creation and financial inclusion, as well as contributing to the growth of the South African economy at large. We also play an important role in youth development - particularly at grass roots level - where first time job seekers use temporary assignments as an entry into the job market and improve their employability as a result of on-the-job training and skills development provided.

Skills Development

We are further devoted to upliftment and skills development through the provision of learnerships and other skills programmes throughout Africa..


Looking after our assignees

We are committed to keeping our employees happy and, as a result, productive through various employee-centric benefits:

Employee Wellness & Assistance Programmes
Primary Healthcare
Life-skills Training
Essential Employee Benefits
Employee Lifestyle Products
Recognition Rewards
Statutory Benefits
Worker’s Benefit Fund
Staff Saving’s plan


Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

Our “Workforce Cares” committee manages CSI initiatives across the Workforce Group. Initiatives vary from direct donations, project support, sponsorships and participation in fund-raising events.


Contact our recruitment specialists

Darren Hollander (Head office)
Email: darrenh@workforce.co.za
Tel: +27 11 532 0000
Mobile: +27 82 930 2384

Thuso Koosaletse (Botswana)
Email: thusok@workforce.co.za
Tel: +267 3838 67(Botswana)

Barney Van Staden (Johannesburg)
Email: barneyvs@workforce.co.za
Tel: +267 311 0644
Mobile: BW +267 75 994 779 / RSA +27 82 828 5963

Colleen Prinsloo (Mozambique)
Email: colleenp@workforce.co.za
Tel: +258 84 189 6468

Darren Hollander (Namibia)
Email: darrenh@workforce.co.za
Tel: +27 11 532 0000

Timothy Mgodi (Angola)
Email: timothym@twgservicos.com
Tel: +244 926 225 998